SVN headquarters
Sildarvinnslan headquarters, Neskaupstadur, Iceland

With over four decades’ experience in fisheries and fish processing, Sildarvinnslan hf. is one of Iceland’s largest fisheries operators, as well as the country’s largest catcher and processor of pelagic species and largest producer of fish meal and oil.

Based in Neskaupstadur, in Iceland’s East Fjords, Sildarvinnslan and its partners operate from 5 locations around Iceland, as well as in the US and Greenland. At present, the company’s catch quota and that of its partners totals 30,000 cod-equivalent tons per year. Sildarvinnslan and its partners employ some 220 workers, and projected turnover for the year 2010 was USD 128 million.


Sildarvinnslan operates an ultra-modern production plant for processing whitefish, pelagic species and salted herring. At the same time, the company operates three well-equipped fishmeal and oil factories, and a fleet consisting of a freezing trawler, ice trawler and two pelagic vessels, in addition to which its partners operate one pelagic vessel.

Sildarvinnslan offers a full range of specialised port facilities from its headquarters in Neskaupstadur, including catch landing services, a spacious freezing and chilling store, and a high-production ice factory.